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Belmont Commercial Chain Link Fencing –
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25 years and counting, Interstate Fence Company has been offering top notch fencing to your Belmont business and recreational parks. Trying to figure out how to protect what you value most? The possibilities are boundless! Whatever the type of fence or bollards you need, Interstate Fence Company Inc., has it.

Belmont Commercial Chain Link Fencing CompanyLeading the industry in providing quality fencing, Interstate Fence Company creates the perfect fence for our customers of Belmont. Our fencing materials are of the utmost quality for your fence construction. From chain link or woven wire mesh to welded wire partitions, we offer wide variety of styles and colors.

If you are on a strict budget, yet still in need of a secure and sturdy fence, Interstate Fence Company Inc., advice is to use cyclone fencing. Yes, we specialize in chain link fencing for our Belmont customers! But, of all the types of fencing, cyclone fencing is practical, relatively easy to install and inexpensive. The construction of chain links in a cyclone fence is sturdier than your standard wood fencing and requires practically no maintenance at all. But, if you’re looking for a visually more attractive fence material than chain link, then why not try wire mesh. And for your more artistic taste to fencing, Interstate Fence Company has ornate wrought-iron fencing.

Does your Belmont recreational parks or business need secure fencing? Interstate Fence Company offers barbwire, razor ribbon, both exterior and interior expanded metal security fencing. We build secure fencing for Belmont tennis courts, batting cages, backstops, airports and trash enclosures.

Accidents in Belmont happen without a moments notice. At Interstate Fence Company, we know sudden mishaps can unfortunately occur at any time. We provide Belmont emergency 24-hour repairs if your automatic or manual vehicle gate has stopped working. If we can’t fix your old one, we’ll build you a new one!s Interstate Fence Company is here to serve your fencing needs including repairing yout chain link fence.

Trying to secure a pedestrian walkway and restrict vehicles from entering? We can install bollards to your desired specifications and needs. Safety for our Belmont pedestrians is important, so that’s why we at Interstate Fence Company can design a customized solution for you.

Let us be your first and only choice in commercial gates and fences of all kinds in Belmont. Our experts are always here to serve you.